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Pam Allen LeBlanc, B.Sc., MBA

Q&A – Create a Reiki Master Mentor Group

Presenter: Pam Allen LeBlanc, B.Sc., MBA
Length: 30 Minutes

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Sep 04 2022


12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

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  • Pam Allen LeBlanc B.Sc. MBA
    Pam Allen LeBlanc B.Sc. MBA
    ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher

    Pam Allen-LeBlanc began teaching Reiki in 2011 after attending William Rand’s Reiki Master class in Glastonbury, England. She teaches Reiki, Animal Reiki and Animal Communication from her farm in Atlantic, Canada in person. She also teaches online and travels to teach.

    A former scientist and businesswoman who initially had difficulty accepting the “reality” of Reiki, Pam discovered there is an incredible amount of science supporting this work. From the beginning she identified with the ICRT approach to Reiki for their respect and openness to all lineages as well as for their effective techniques and thorough theory.

    In May, 2019 she became the first Canadian ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher. She is grateful to William Rand and the ICRT for providing such a high level of integrity, respect and professionalism in their courses and teachings and is honored to be a member of their Reiki community.

    As an Usui/Holy Fire® III, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® and Animal Reiki Master-Teacher, Pam trains people and animals from all walks of life and belief systems. Her herd of horses at Hidden Brook Farm support her work. Here greatest joy is witnessing her students as they prosper and grow, integrating Reiki into all aspects of their lives.

    Pam has a B.Sc. in Agriculture and an MBA (Masters in Business Administration). She is a Reiki practitioner, a Riding Instructor, an animal communicator, a Dowser & intuitive and creates a line of essential oils. She has been a contributing author of the Reiki News Magazine since 2013, authored The Reiki Business Book and is one of the authors of the ICRT Animal Reiki course. She also produces a weekly podcast, Reiki from the Farm.

    Her greatest joy is helping people and animals better connect with their spiritual natures so they can heal, grow and step fully onto their life paths.

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