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Reiki and Kids

Presenters: Chellie Kammermeyer, Cami Cote, April Walker
Presentation Length: 1 Hour

The energy of teaching Reiki to children has started to come forward. We will be talking about many of the relevant important issues regarding teaching Reiki to children. While there are many people who have created a class for kids and feel called to do so, our presentation will cover some of the background necessary for a successful class. Additionally we will be presenting an experience for Healing your inner child.


Sep 05 2022


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Main Room
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  • April Walker
    April Walker
    Intuitive, Energy Teacher and Practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher

    April Walker is an intuitive, energy teacher and practitioner & Reiki Master Teacher, assisting clients around the world with emotional, mental, physical & spiritual well being in various ways. She has a background in hospital wellness programs as well as working with physicians who use integrative and alternative healing techniques. She is also a college professor teaching Adaptive Physical Education, Health, Child Development, Human Services and Psychology courses. She is a student teacher in the Licensed Teacher Program.

  • Cami Cote
    Cami Cote
    LRMT & E-RYT 500 (experienced yoga teacher)

    Cami Cote is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, Sacred Music Artist and Registered Yoga Teacher. Cami learned Reiki in 2012 and became a master in 2013. Her main use of Reiki at that time was to incorporate it into her yoga classes. An Achilles’ tendon injury in 2015 caused Cami’s attention to turn to teaching Reiki and developing her healing practice and business. In 2016, Cami travelled to Portland and took a 5 day Professional Member Training with Colleen Benelli and it was at that training she had the spark to become a Licensed Teacher. Cami teaches Reiki in Montana, Idaho, Washington and Online.

  • Chellie Kammermeyer
    Chellie Kammermeyer
    Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Masters

    Chellie & Mike Kammermeyer are Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki® Masters and are the first couple to go through the LRMT program at the same time. They are now each Reiki Mentor teachers with the LRMT Program. Chellie & Mike have taught together for several years and married since 1993. Their style is laid back and relaxed. And while they may be joking during the presentation, they are very serious about how Reiki has impacted and guided their lives.

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