Reiki For Life Challenges and Trauma

Karen Harrison

Presenters: Karen Harrison

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

Our human experience commonly includes dealing with life challenges such as divorce, betrayal, caregiving, health challenges, death of loved ones, loss of a job, and more. And when life experiences are especially difficult, many consider them to be trauma. “Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape or natural disaster.”[i] As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist, Karen uses her counseling skills combined with Reiki to offer relief to clients.  She will discuss several Reiki techniques that she finds especially useful with life challenges and trauma. Then Karen will lead participants in a practice session on the timeline technique that she developed. Come ready to release!


Friends holding up thought bubbles with social media concept ico

Presenters: Jill Thiel, Robyn Benelli, Karen Caig

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

The ICRT social media team presents “Using Social Media for Your Reiki Business.” Social media is an important part of any modern business, including a Reiki business. In addition to the traditional reasons to market through social media, using Reiki throughout your social media presence and conveying an authentic message are most important. In this presentation Jill Thiel, Karen Caig, and Robyn Benelli present how to convey your authentic message in social media and why that’s important; how to get started with social media; and once started, being aware of the analytic tools available to increase your social media reach and hone your messaging.

Reiki and Kids

Happy mom with her cheerful children

Presenters: Chellie Kammermeyer, Cami Cote, April Walker

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

The energy of teaching Reiki to children has started to come forward. We will be talking about many of the relevant important issues regarding teaching Reiki to children. While there are many people who have created a class for kids and feel called to do so, our presentation will cover some of the background necessary for a successful class. Additionally we will be presenting an experience for Healing your inner child.

Reiki Retreat Closing Celebration

Infinite Light Laurelle Gaia © 2021 Karla Fouts

Presenters & Participants: Everyone

Entertainers: Pam & Donald T McMahon

Length: 1 Hour

A celebration of Reiki, one another, and our infinite gratitude to be able to share this amazing life changing Reiki experience with you!
Love, Light, and Infinite Reiki Blessings

Integrating Reiki into Healthcare

Tracey Sullivan

Presenter: Tracey Sullivan

Presentation Length: 1¼ Hours

This presentation is for all levels of Reiki practitioners and teachers. It is both a practical guide to help aspiring hospital Reiki teachers and looks at teaching and practicing Reiki in the medical setting from both a Reiki teacher/practitioner and healthcare professional perspective. Guidance on integrating Reiki into the healthcare setting will be covered.

“Shake Your Soul” Class

Barbara Pastie

Presenter: Barbara Pastie
Presentation Length: 1 Hour

Barbara will create sacred space in which to find communion with our own bodies and community with fellow Reiki practitioners. Begin your day feeling alive, joyful, and connected. The class is suitable for all levels of fitness, flexibility or dance/yoga experience.

Reiki Sound Experience

Arthur Baird

Presenter: Arthur Baird

Presentation Length: 1½ Hours

Experience an intentional Reiki journey with sound.

Crystalline Sounds for Sleep

Evening Meditation for a Better Sleep. Senior Woman Meditating in Lotus Position at Home

Presenter: Amanda Domnitz

Presentation Length: 45 Minutes

A deeply relaxing experience to end your day, allow this bedtime meditation to drift you off to sleep. The guidance and sounds are curated to take you into a state of deep relaxation and healing.

Reiki, Yoga and Body Positivity

Cami Cote

Presenters: Cami Cote

Presentation Length: 1 Hour

Growing up in a dysfunctional environment, Cami felt unloved, unworthy and abandoned. By learning yoga, she felt peaceful during class, but it wasn’t until she combined it with Reiki that she truly began to heal. Emphasis on Distance Healing Techniques to send Reiki back to past traumas and to connect to self-love and body positivity.

Empowering Your Reiki with Conscious Breathing

Pamela and Donald T. McMahon

Presenter: Pam McMahon
Presentation Length: 1 Hour

Empowering Your Reiki With Conscious Breathing Lecture, and Experiential Exercises will explore the profound effects of Conscious Breathing on our Reiki practice and our self-development.