Dinner and Welcome – Sedona

Length: 1½ Hours

We focus on holistic healing from the inside out at Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat. That’s why we are farm to table. Our chef prepares pescatarian and vegetarian menus from local farms with herbs selected from our onsite healing garden to deliver delicious, nutrient-rich meals that nourish and strengthen your body. You can enjoy your meals inside our dining hall or al fresco. Dinner is included on the first day of arrival.

Welcome and Opening Ceremony

Infinite-Light-Healing Studies Center

Presenters: William Lee Rand, and Michael Baird

Presentation Length: 1¼ Hours

Reiki Retreats are a beautiful way to share Reiki and to gift yourself with a nurturing, memorable experience. Join William and Michael as they welcome you to the 2022 International Reiki Retreat, and introduce the incredible line-up of presenters. This is a special opportunity to move forward on the Reiki path, experience the joy of Universal Love, the healing power of the Earth, and connections with others of like mind and kindred spirit.